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Sentinel Node Biopsy Clinics

Sentinel node biopsy (SNB) offers a minimally invasive way to assess early cancer spread in the UK. Unlike traditional, extensive lymph node removals, this technique focuses on the “sentinel” nodes – the first potential pitstops for cancer cells journeying from the tumour. This targeted approach minimises surgical impact and potential complications.

During SNB, a tracer, like a blue dye or radioactive solution, helps identify the sentinel nodes near the tumour. These nodes are then removed and analysed under a microscope. The presence or absence of cancer cells guides treatment decisions by accurately staging the disease. Additionally, sparing healthy nodes minimises surgical risks and preserves immune function. Importantly, SNB results often lead to personalised treatment plans, potentially reducing unnecessary procedures and their associated risk

Below is a list of clinics/hospital in the UK that offer Sentinel node biopsy (SNB).


University College London Hospitals


The Royal Marsden


East Kent Hospitals University


Queen Victoria Hospital


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde


London North West University Healthcare


Liverpool University Hospitals


University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire


Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Other hospitals soon to be offer SNB:

  • University Hospitals Bristol
  • Hull University Teaching Hospitals
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust